Leigh Sansone, Esq., CPDT-KSA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge & Skills Assessed), PMCT (Pat Miller Certified Trainer), of Animal Behavior Consulting, is one of the south’s top dog trainers. After 15 years as a successful New York attorney, Leigh left the law to focus on working with dogs and learning the most effective, modern, and humane methods of training and behavior modification.

Leigh & Allie, Riverside Park, NYC

She has studied with world-renowned animal trainers and behavior consultants such as Bob Bailey, Sc. D, Sue Sternberg, Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA, CDBC, Pat Miller, CPDT-KA, CDBC, John Rogerson, and Suzanne Clothier. Leigh serves as a Director for the prestigious Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the independent national certifying body for dog trainers and behavior consultants. And, most recently, Leigh has moved from NYC to Atlanta, where she will continue to serve dogs and their people by working with the ASPCA as a professional behavior responder for animals in need around the country.
Click the link to view Leigh’s resume, which includes the intensive training workshops and courses she has attended. Leigh is full-time dog trainer and behavior consultant, working with dogs who have fear and aggression-related behavior issues. She works privately with owners to teach basic obedience, and teaches the occasional obedience and tricks classes for puppies and dogs. Leigh has trained multiple species including horses (in her youth), chickens, and a few rats.
Animal Behavior Consulting has twin goals: first, to train dogs and their people while making the learning process enjoyable, and second, to demonstrate the use of pain-free, gentle, modern training methods to train dogs properly. Training should be fun for you AND for your dog just as it was for Allie and Leigh; training with Animal Behavior Consulting IS fun. Best of all, fun, creative training will build an enjoyable life-long relationship between you and your canine companion.
Wanna watch Leigh do some training:
1) Dino hits the Bullseye!

2) Chicken Moonwalk!

At Animal Behavior Consulting, we don’t use fear or pain, we use our brains to train!

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